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Sunbeam Ti


In all around 10,000 Sunbeam Ti's were produced with many of them going straight into clubman rallying. Launched in April 1979 the Series One Chrysler Sunbeam Ti was available in the following colours:


Ermine White  /  Embassy Black  /  Seville Orange  /  Moss Metallic Green



The seats were all black with a orange Tartan centre section were an optional extra as were the rear parcel shelf and centre console. Externally the S1 Ti had 3 satin black stripes running the length of the car above the sills onto the lower doors (not on black Ti). Two spoilers set the car out from the crowd the front spoiler incorporating two fog lamps giving the Ti a very distinctive look. The Ti gearknob was unique to the Ti.

By mid 1980 Ti's were officially known as Talbot Sunbeam Ti's and the Amil Alloy (Sunbeam Lotus wheel) road wheels were made an optional extra at this point, the seats were now all black with the option of tartan trim, the available colours changed to:

Ermine White  /  Embassy Black  /  Cherry Red  /  Willow Metallic Green



Series 2 Ti's were available in the following colours:

Ermine White  /  Embassy Black  /  Moonstone Blue  /  Jonquil Yellow



The unique gearknob was dropped but the centre console and parcel shelf became standard equipment. The interior was the same trim as the earlier Sunbeam Trio and then Sunbeam Lotus Series Two cars with Piccadilly trimmed seats. Externally the cars retained the same front and rear spoilers. The bottom half of the Ti was painted gloss black about a third up the doors and continuing over the front and rear arches. Between the front and rear wheelarch were two red pinstripes and on the wing in front of the door a Ti graphic.