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After filling in the online form you will be redirected to paypal. 
please include your full name and address on the Paypal payment.

The ASOC keeps Club records on a Computer. Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act the Club need not be registered as a data user if the members do not object to their details being stored on one of its programmes. An application for membership will be deemed to signify your agreement.


The current subscription is £26 for members in the United Kingdom and £28 for members outside the United Kingdom.

1 Year - £26.00 2 Years - £52.00 3 Years - £78.00
1 Year - £28.00 2 Years - £56.00 3 Years - £84.00

Select your membership and then click button to submit your form and make a PayPal or Card payment.

For support or further information please email