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  Avenger Mr Royden Axe, joined the design team of the Rootes Group in 1959 at the age of 22, and soon worked his way up to being Chief Stylist,...

Avenger Tiger

Avenger Tiger The Avenger Tiger story began with an exercise by Chrysler to publicise the Avenger. Externally, the Tiger is a sure attention...

Sunbeam Lotus

Sunbeam Lotus The Sunbeam Lotus project itself was conceived by Des O'Dell who was Head of Motor Sport for Chrysler in the United Kingdom. It was...


SUNBEAM In 1976, Chrysler UK received assistance from the British Government to develop a new small car to replace the Imp. To minimize costs,...

RAC 198O

Dean Hetherington - Lombard RAC Rally 1980 (Taken from ASOC News 126) Photo copyright: Automotive Artprints - Christian Bailly  I was...

Sunbeam Ti

SUNBEAM Ti In all around 10,000 Sunbeam Ti's were produced with many of them going straight into clubman rallying. Launched in April 1979 the...